Law is order, and good law is good order,” might well serve as the motto for Christopher Duren, a lawyer who regards the constitutional and human rights of the individual as being of paramount importance in any functioning society. Indeed, Christopher Duren’s personal philosophy could be said to epitomize the notion that, “The precepts of the law may be comprehended under these three points: to live honestly, to hurt no man willfully, and to render every man his due carefully.”

Christopher Duren, of Duren Law Office, LLC, has always regarded the law as his calling. To achieve his ambition, he studied exceptionally hard throughout his school years. The intensity of his studies paid off and he was accepted on the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Behavioural Science and Law program. After successfully graduating from the University, Christopher Duren then realized his long-held ambition and gained his law degree from the Cumberland School of Law, Samford University.

Christopher Duren holds the law in the highest respect. For him, it is no abstract entity but a system – objective and dispassionate – to uphold the dignity of man and to protect the weaker and more vulnerable members of our society. It is a moral position, untainted by personal dreams of aggrandizement. Furthermore, Duren regards the law as a mechanism preventing the bestiality innate in every human being from being let loose. It is an inhibiting framework, disinterested and equitable – and a potent symbol of Man’s ascension over the beasts.

Christopher Duren’s career path reflects his unwavering optimism in the utility and efficacy of the legal profession. After graduating from the Cumberland School of Law, he formed his own legal practice and became owner of Duren Law Offices in his home town of Waunakee, Dane County, Wisconsin. The decision to open his own law offices in the town of his birth surprised many of his colleagues, who assumed that he would relocate to a large city. But for Christopher Duren, Waunakee holds a special place in his heart. He grew up there and has a powerful sense of community, and this belief in the nurturing capacity of small societies to instill a moral sensibility in its inhabitants has remained with him ever since. He regards it as axiomatic that he should somehow give something back to the area that raised him, and that his expertise in areas such as Family Law, Business Law and Real Estate Law should be made available to help members of his community with any problems with which life may present them.

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